Wherever you’re shooting. Whatever you’re lighting. Whenever you’re up against it. On lot or on location, MBS Equipment Company has the resources to deliver for you every time. We go beyond just checking inventory off a list, we become a part of your total lighting and grip solution. We can join forces with you from the beginning, incorporating new technology and ideas from the first camera and lighting test on through production. No matter what your challenges, we’re there from start to finish.

As the largest studio based equipment company in the world, part of The MBS Group, we strive to provide a worldwide reach, all inclusive industry services, and creative vision and experience to help TV, film and event productions solve problems, save money, and win awards.

MBSE Lighting
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Lighting and Grip

With one of the largest overall equipment inventories worldwide, MBSE has the newest technology and ability and willingness to find innovative and creative lighting solutions. We help with incorporating LED and conventional lighting techniques for both general set lighting and fixtures work. MBS Equipment Company is here to help you reach your creative vision!

We Offer:

  • LED
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Fluorescent
  • HMI
  • Quartz
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Extensions
  • Dimmers
  • Cables
  • Switches
  • Overheads
  • Flags
  • Scrims
  • Stands

Truck Packages

With our full fleet of trucks and generators, we have an extensive national and international outreach for any production.

Production Resource Center

As problem solvers, one of the problems we frequently solve is saving money. We go beyond being an expendables supplier to being a single-source on-site resource. From gels and globes to hardware and ropes, to lumber and paint. All of it at competitive prices thanks to our volume and scope. We have the locations and inventory to get you what you need quickly.

Textiles & Backdrops

When you can’t actually be there, but need the backing to show you are — we have you covered. (Literally.) We have a large selection of blue and green screen backings for digital and chromakey, solids, diffusions and reflectives, as well as other grip backings and technical fabrics. Sewing services are available for custom sizing and repair. Whatever shape your production takes – when you need it, we got your back — and your backing.

MBSi Lighting
MBSi Lighting
MBSi Lighting
MBSi Lighting

To stay ahead of the curve, MBS Equipment Company turns to key industry leaders through a consortium think tank dubbed MBSi, or MBS Innovations, as a resource for sharing thoughts and ideas on industry trends in lighting technology and concepts as well as ways to implement and develop solutions for the future.

Whether it is creating our own technology, helping others create theirs, or just thinking creatively with the tools we have in front of us, we are result driven. Thinking, sharing, and innovating, the excitement begins with a flick of a switch.

The first step is a conversation. Tell us about your upcoming production. Or ask us anything about our experience or locations.

United States


Burbank/Sun Valley
10616 Lanark St.
Sun Valley, CA  91352

Phone: 818-303-9464


2616 Commerce Park Dr.
Ste. 100
Orlando, FL  32819

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4612 Burleson Rd.
Unit M
Austin, TX  78744

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MBSE Vancouver
19676 Telegraph Trail #2
Langley, BC  V1M 3E5

Phone: +1-604-371-2040


MBSE Toronto
124 East Mall
Studio A
Toronto, ON  M8Z-5X9

Phone: +1-416-916-2243
Fax: +1-416-907-5993

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